Praise Kings Home For Africa Holdings is an investment and property company with offices in Cape Town, SA and Florida, USA. We offer investment opportunities ranging from Mining, Transportation, Water & Sanitation, Agriculture, Electricity to House & Shopping Centres Development and More.
Home for Africa PROPERTY, We Rent Luxury African self-catering accommodations, we facilitate foreign Nationals to rent and buy properties in South Africa, Our décor we combine the African style inspiration and modern luxury and we are in property development

Our Investment Options

Praise King Holdings

Praise Kings Holding has the perfect plan to grow your money. Explore our investment options from mining, transportation to agriculture, property and many more. Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your wealth.

Invest with Praise Kings Home for Africa Holdings and watch your money grow. Take advantage of our flourishing holdings which has a great market value today and into the future.

Property Development

  • Construction Management
  • General Contracting
  • Design-Build
  • New Construction

Property for Foreign Nationals

We help and guide foreign nationals to buy and rent properties in south Africa

Afrika Home Decor

African Inspiration Style