Concept of Home for Africa:

Home for Africa is a company with a new concept. We Rent Luxury African self-catering accommodations, we facilitate foreign Nationals to rent and buy properties in South Africa, Our décor we combine the African style inspiration and modern luxury and we are in property development …

1. Realty

Home for Africa provide Luxury self-catering accommodation for corporate, business or just a good African holiday, Home in Africa a place to be!

2. Facilitating foreign nationals to buy and rent properties in south Africa

It is a fact that foreign nationals face country face several problems to buy or rent properties in South Africa due to a variety of reasons, that why Home for Africa offering a professional service to mitigate these difficulties by providing adequate assistance to our clients throughout the process up to the closing of the deal.

3. Décor (African style inspiration)

We believe that Africa is a unique place on earth with the rough beauty of its landscapes, the diversity and overwhelming fauna, the wonderland made by its flora; but more importantly the warm welcome it gives you with the spirit of Ubuntu. Why let this splendor vanish in the modern luxury of your home or apartment? Let Home for Africa brings Ubuntu in your luxury interior by combine the African rough exquisiteness with modern luxury….

4. Property Development (inspiration of African Style)

The idea is to build Home in Africa with African style inspiration and modern Luxury in the continent of Africa….