Afrika Tours

Afrika Tours has a comprehensive list of Tourism agencies that operate throughout South Africa.


Afrika Tours is a Cape Town based Travel and Tour Agency that offers inbound bookings and Touring services for clients from all walks of life.

We have excellent services to take you round the most beautiful and famous places in the picturesque destinations in the “Mother City” as it is popularly known among the locals and Tourists.

AfrikaTours began its humble journey in 2016 driven by the exception, vision and passion of the owner. Known for energetic and passionate approach of its proprietor and composed of friendly, expertise and trusted hardworing staff.

AfrikaTours is ready to go extra mile to provide the best possible services to its clientele. The Agency boasts of flexible services which includes adjusting its rates for packages to fit its customer’s budget.


To offer top range quality and finest Travel and Tour products based on or expertise, knowledge, passion and efficiency and service excellence, as well as offer exceptional services, professional assistance and the finest committed staff.


We make life easier for travellers by providing reliable, safe, comfortable, affordable transfers and tours


– We act honestly and with integrity without compromising the truth.
– We put our hearts and minds into our work to achieve service excellence.
– We give due respect to ourselves and others and maintain an environment of team work and growth.
– We understand that each individual is unique and recognize our differences.
– We are consistent in offering the best level of service to our clients at all times.