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African home decor

Marlene Decor brings Africa’s special and mysterious beauty to your homes. It’s weird how often such an interesting design like the African home decor is overlooked. One of the basic models of African home decor is nature. Since the African civilization has tight connections with nature, it is easy to understand why when decorating their homes, people still choose to get their inspiration from there. Therefore, if you follow this concept, it should be pretty easy to have your own African home decor.

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African home decor can be your option in decorating your house interior. African theme will give a unique effect to the bedroom in your home. Bring the animal world to your room. You will be able to feel the sensation of a safari park in your home by bringing the african decorative stuff there. It is such a must for you to make your home different from the others.


Decorations are extremely important when recreating such a design. Natural elements like wood and cotton are preferred, although you can incorporate some modern-looking furniture items in the room too.

Choose animal print decorations, curtains, rugs and cushions! Especially if you’re using rugs, there is a variety of animal-like or fur-like ones which you can totally buy for this purpose. Also, you can use wooden and painted stools to make it look like you’re in a jungle or savannah, if you’re creative enough.

Marlene Theme Decor

The decor in a house or room is needed to fill the room so as not to look empty and has a lovely decor and will make people be impressed with your home. African Theme Decor concept is one idea that you can choose a theme, characterized by a state of the African continent that has a classic modern style decor.

Interior decorating ideas on how to bring a touch of Africa into your living room? The African living room can bring the new atmosphere and warm into your home.

African furniture are often crafted or sculpted from wood. Chairs and tables are low, massive, carved from one piece, without pegs and grooves. To brighten your living room, you may try furniture that made from woods like pine, cedar and ash. African décor such as rattan, bamboo, wicker items is also popular as well.