TFF Global Concept

The TFF Global was founded in June 2016, the core business being exports to Africa and the rest of the world. Apart from exporting and importing, the Group has extended its business portfolio to include Engineering and Project Development

Our Services

At TFF Global our clients and their needs are our focus. We aim to extensively develop a feel for their business and their requirements.  We provide specific solutions and services for:

  • Airfreight
  • Sea freight
  • Road freight
  • Project Engineering and Development
  • Project Logistics and Mining Procurement

Import and Export process

Our services in the import and export of perishable and non-perishable products can be carried out by means of airfreight or sea freight. Amongst others, this includes the packing of containers, the issuing of the necessary importation and exportation documents as well as the transportation from local suppliers to the relevant airports or harbors

Solution to growing challenges

The challenge faced by organizations, regardless of their size, is to drive costs down and productivity up, to grow a firm customer base and operate with effectiveness.

One of our priorities is to ensure that our services play an increasing role in meeting such challenges! We aim to deliver professionally in order to meet your goals and standards!

perishable and non- perishable products

This department of the business incorporates the export of perishable and non- perishable (i.e. dry goods) products, such as:

Fruits and Vegetables: fresh / frozen
Fresh / frozen meats such as beef, lamb cuts and whole carcasses as well as poultry and various types of game.
Dairy products such as milk and yoghurt
Fine foods, bottled water, beverages, maize meal and sugar

TFF Global Capabilities

No area of business is too big or too small for us. We are able to, with our various partners around the globe, import goods such as machinery, electronic components, sports equipment and automobile parts & accessories.